360 Video and Virtual Reality are creating entirely new possibilities for storytellers, content creators, educators and curators.

An audience can now be face to face and in the same room with the subject of a documentary, a fictional character or a performing musician. This phenomena is generating empathy and connection on a whole new level. Museum curators can take their exhibitions away from the traditional 4 walls and archive them or display them as they were originally designed, anywhere in the world. Educators can use VR to create interactive learning in seemingly real world scenarios. 

These aren’t the possibilities of a far off future. At Dusk, it’s what we are doing today.



360 VR CGI Environment Experimentaions



Great War museum 360 VR experience


Pink & White Terraces

360 CGI Test


Closed for Maintenance

360 VR The making of "Golden Days"


Old St. Pauls

360 VR Video Experience