We specialise in motion design, animation, VR and VFX.
We craft stories, information and experiences into
works of visual goodness; good ol’ Kiwi digital witchcraft.

Dusk first opened its doors in 2011 and has been weaving digital magic from concept to execution and delivery ever since. We are creatives, story tellers, artists and techs.

We have a wide array of skills which enable us to take care of: Motion Graphics, VFX, Design, Animation, Typography, CGI, Illustration, Concept, Art Direction, Story, Script, Pre-production, Cinematography, Editing and Colour Grading.

Film / TV / Web

Films, TVC’s, targeted messages, animation or live action.
Any story that needs telling visually on a screen of any kind.

VR, 360°, Full Dome

VR, 360° and Full Dome content for headsets, mobile devices and Planetariums.
Interactive, linear, archival, entertainment, education and documentary.


Museum installations, camera projection, live show visuals and other yet to be invented ways to immerse your audience.


Creative Director
John Strang
+64 21 078 5972


Dusk works across the Wellington & Wairarapa regions of New Zealand.

Employment enquiries

We are always looking for new freelance atalent so please contact us with your portfolio CV or showreel handy no matter where in the world you are. If you are a designer, illustrator, director, cinematographer, motion artist, animator, 3D artist, VR guru, editor, creative director, compositor, audio specialist or anything else that fits in with the type of work we do then get in touch!