360° Experience

One of the challenges with museum installations is finding a way to archive the experience and move it around so that it can be accessed well beyond the museum walls. Using the Dissent exhibit (created by Dusk for Story Inc and The Great War Exhibition) as a case study, this film aims to do that by recreating the museum environment as a 360 film.

The exhibition itself is an immersive theater-like experience that exists across 6 screens that surround a room. One option would have been to take 360 cameras into the space and simply film the show but the quality of the video screens would have been reduced by the process. Instead Dusk chose to rebuild the layout of the projectors in 3D space. In doing so control was gained so that certain parts of the text display could be re-authored to read better on a 360 headset.

Ultimately an experience such as this could be expanded upon significantly. Multiple easily navigable exhibitions existing within one app that can be shared around the world as an easy download.


Agency – StoryInc

Creative Directors – John Strang, Lee Gingold

Video content – Lee Gingold, Leo Chida

360 Compositing/CGI – John Strang