360 Documentary

Just before the Golden Days exhibition at Te Papa concluded its 20 year run, Dusk was invited by the show’s creators to preserve the exhibition as a 360 film. During the process, James Mclean from Story Inc and Ken Gorbey from Te Papa revisited and discussed the process and philosophy that lead to the iconic installation. The result is this 360 documentary.

Capturing the 360° experience of Golden Days presented Dusk with a significant technical challenge. The installation is set in a dark theatre. Toys move in and out of small pools of light and projected footage plays on the far wall. At the time of shooting there just wasn’t a 360 camera rig with low light capabilities even close to those necessary for shooting a dark room.

Dusk responded by employing Sony’s ‘see in the dark’ mirrorless camera the A7’s. Using this Dusk was able to shoot the show multiple times collecting all of the plates necessary to build a complete 360 film.


Agency – Dusk

Director – Lee Gingold

Producer – John Strang

Camera DOP – Lee Gingold, John Strang

VFX – Lee Gingold, Leo Chida