Six Lyrics Videos in six weeks

Dusk was approached by Six60 to makes 6 lyrics videos in 6 weeks and release one every Friday for #Six60Fridays. Every week was a new song (each more incredible than the last) and a new challenge. These 6 films are the result.

When you are making videos for Six60 you can reasonably expect a big response but no one was prepared for the scale on which it came. Just 2 months after it’s release the first in the series had attracted over 2 million views on YouTube and all of the songs were high in the New Zealand Singles Chart. Just as exciting is that Six60 played shows in Europe where with a little help from the lyrics videos, the entire audience knew the lyrics to songs just days after their release. A big win for lyrics videos and for #Six60Fridays.

Something Dusk was very conscious of was wanting the videos to be unique and stand out from each other. Some weeks there would be footage sent over from the band and other weeks Dusk had to think very quickly to figure out what the main content of the video would be.


Agency – Dusk

Directors – Leo Chida, Lee Gingold, John Strang

Producer – John Strang

Motion Graphics – Leo Chida

Editing – Lee Gingold

Ink Tank Footage – Sam Caldwell

Don't give it up

For ‘Dont Give It Up’ the footage was a treat. A strong graphic treatment considering type, colour and negative space married with a tight edit to create these films that take the fans inside the bands Los Angeles experience.


Continuing the story of Six60’s LA experience, the footage supplied for ‘Rivers’ takes us inside Printz Board’s studio with the band. Dusk created an edit and typographic treatment that supported the beautiful dream like flow of the song.

Rolling Stone

‘Rolling Stone’ was packed with the incredible energy of a live Six60 performance. The lighting was rich in colour and Dusk continued this through to the treatment of the type.


When ‘Closer’ arrived on week 4, Dusk was tasked with conceiving a video that did not include footage of the band. The response came in the form of hypnotically beautiful microscopic footage of ink tanks. The footage (Which was shot by Dusk’s good friend Sam Caldwell) and typography blended together to create an unusually luxurious sensory experience.


The band were in Norway whilst Dusk were working on week 5’s video ‘Vibes’. They sent through footage of them having what looks like a spectacular time in the Norwegian night. It felt like a postcard home. That got the creative team at Dusk thinking and this led to the notion that the footage could be an in-flight entertainment feature on the back of an aeroplane cabin seat. Glances out the window reveal lyrics and landscapes in a 3 minute round the world tour.

Up there

Week 6 and ‘Up There’ was very special for quite a few reasons. Six60 had told Dusk that the lyrics were personal and should be treated as such. This was to be the grand finale for the entire project and Dusk knew it was time to speak to Six60’s audience as personally as possible. Dusk’s Leo Chida illustrated a world of childhood and nostalgia, posters on the wall and memories that all music fans share. The feedback for the final film was overwhelming. Fans on Youtube left comments that described being moved personally and the band themselves described tears. There was a sense of completion and the end of a rich and satisfying journey.