Full Dome film

This was a new challenge for Dusk: create a 30 minute mostly animated film for a dome theatre.

With a small team working remotely we managed to take the script and develop it into a fully finished educational film to be viewed around the world. All visuals were either concepted, generated and/or supervised by Dusk. This was a massive achievement for a small CGI and design team and one that we are very proud of.

This immersive planetarium film tells the story of Māori/Pasifika, and European Navigation towards Aotearoa New Zealand through the eyes of a budding navigator, Moko.

Like Moana in the Disney film, she steps into the world of her Pacific ancestors and onto the decks of their waka (voyaging canoes) in this 30-minute animated adventure. As a scientist and explorer, she crosses cultures to witness the worlds of Captain Cook and the Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman.

The story encompasses the real experiences of historical and present-day voyagers across the Pacific Ocean in an educational journey suitable for school-aged audiences, age 8+. With Moko, we stand alongside the navigators, explore their traditions, uncover their science, and wrap it all up in the space knowledge we have today.


Agency – Dusk, Island Productions

Director – Lala Roles

Creative Director –  John Strang

Technical Director – Hayden Steedman

Producer – Lala Roles, John Strang, John Dow

CGI Artists – Kelly Hewitt, Reuben Hayward, Steven Saunders, Katya Rasskazova, Jerry Graham, Andrew Shaw, Hayden Steedman, John Strang