VR Cinematic

Whakakitenga is an immersive (room scale) cinematic VR experience that takes audiences to another world and time, the incredible landscapes of nineteenth century Aotearoa New Zealand.

As a VR experience Whakakitenga provides a way to reimagine the colonial encounter. The experience uses a Māori narrative and the power of VR technology to bring traditional knowledge and a Māori world view to a wide audience. Māori language immerses you in this virtual experience while a strong visual narrative reveals Te Rangihaeata’s journey.

This was a colloboration with Victoria University, Wiremu Grace of Whatu Films and Dusk and is yet to be released.


Agency – Dusk, Victoria University, Whatu Films

Director – Wiremu Grace, Miriam Ross, Paul Wolffram

Creative Director –  John Strang

VR Technical Director – Hayden Steedman

Artistic Director – John Strang, Hayden Steedman

Producer – John Strang, Miriam Ross

Audio Director- Bernard Blackburn